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What to expect in a hypnotherapy session

You may have already read the FAQ page, and this will add onto that information.

Most people, who come to see me, come because they want change, they have an issue that they want rid of, so that they can move on with their life.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to instigate change; however you have to remember that despite what you've seen on TV or films, it isn't mind control. It isn't me asking you to close your eyes, click my fingers and you're fixed.

Hypnotherapy is a process that you have to be involved with, as it can involve working through and releasing emotions

You must want to change, and you must want to be part of the process

We all have had the experience of seeing a pattern in our lives that we feel unable to change. Perhaps you have difficulty with: establishing healthy relationships, repeated anxiety, or procrastination. Perhaps you struggle with: addictive behaviour, low self confidence or chronic health problems.

Changing an old pattern of behaviour can be uncomfortable, because old habits and behaviours bring us face to face with the reason we developed them in the first place. So the key to the success is a real want to change and a willingness and honesty to be open, because you can't break a pattern unless you know where it came from.

Hypnosis is extremely effective because from a very early age your subconscious mind has been storing all of your earliest positive and negative emotional imprints. These imprints create the beliefs that you have about yourself, and it's these beliefs along with your unique way of processing information that create the patterns at work in your life today.


If we could change ALL our patterns and beliefs by thinking and rationalising through the conscious mind, we'd all be happy. Unfortunately, our thoughts have to bump up against our FEELING subconscious mind where a lot of negative beliefs about us are stored.

As you read this, you may even be remembering times in the past when you notice some uncomfortable feelings within you around specific people, situations, events etc. These feelings let you know that certain memories are still living inside of you and still carry a strong emotional charge and are subconsciously preventing you from overcoming your blocks.

These memories and the feelings attached to them are called emotional anchors. These anchors may consciously show themselves in situations when you feel stressed, leaving you with thoughts of inadequacy, despite knowing consciously that as an adult you are more then capable. It's these emotional anchors that we will work with to resolve your problem.

And as I mentioned earlier, if you could think your problems away, then you would already be feeling better. Unfortunately, the subconscious emotional anchors are prevailing, leaving you with blocked feelings.

During the sessions we take things one step at a time and work at your pace.  The process is also progressive, each session builds on the previous session. There are the 1 session miracles, but on average, 3 to 6 sessions are required for most issues, these will initially be 1 week apart, moving to 2, 3 or 4 weeks apart as we progress.

Your initial session is designed to provide the foundation needed for you to be successful. During this session we take as much time as necessary - typically up to 2 hours, to get an understanding of what's going on. Even at this early stage we'll start to release some of the emotions that are fuelling the problem to let out some of the pressure inside of you.

During your assessment session you will be asked to provide a brief history of the problem you're facing, and answer specific questions to help custom-design your program. Any additional questions you might have about the process will be addressed at this time.

You will then be guided through an assessment process using a mind-body focused awareness technique. Most people find this session very enjoyable, and many begin noticing results occurring immediately.

You may also experience the full spectrum of human emotions. Just know that this is the best time and the safest place to experience them and release them. It's a profound learning experience which allows you to make positive change.

All sessions are different and are based on what the issue is, and what you're looking to resolve. Hypnotherapy isn't for everyone. This is only for you if you're deadly serious about doing what it takes to make significant change in your life...

The key to success is to be honest, open and ready to work through what comes up.

Is all Hypnosis the same?

Only in the sense that the subconscious mind is accessed and used to help you reach your goals. I specialise in 2 types of Hypnosis: 1) Direct suggestions hypnosis and 2) Age regression hypnotherapy, sometimes known as timeline therapy.

From a hypnosis stand point, many issues can be dealt with through direct suggestion, and this is most people's initial idea of what hypnosis is. This can be very effective with helping someone overcome certain habits and beliefs. Typical examples would be with smoking and weight loss.

Direct suggestion hypnosis is where you are generally relaxed and in a trance like state, allowing us to communicate directly with the sub conscious mind and make suggestions of change that are in the your best interest.

But sometimes these problems run deeper than simply a bad habit, and this is where we look at other ways of getting to the root and to the emotion that's driving the behaviour, and creating the problem.

Its all about the past

Most of the problems which trouble people can typically be traced back to feelings such as guilt, fear, anger, sadness or feelings of loss, and these feelings are almost always connected to past experiences where the negative belief or behaviour started.

These are memories and beliefs that if we think about them may make us feel bad, because they still have an emotional charge.

Through the use of hypnotherapy, we work together to uncover the deep subconscious blocks that may not be apparent with traditional therapeutic techniques, we then thoroughly cleanse and neutralise the emotional anchors. Once these blocks are cleansed and neutralised, your conscious and subconscious mind will be a fertile ground for accepting new positive suggestions for change.

Something happened to make you feel that way

There is a universal law of cause and effect, and this is never truer than with our problems. Something happened to you to make you feel and respond the way you do.

All issues have a starting point. Think of a person suffering from fear and panic attacks at the thought of going to a shopping centre. They weren't born with that fear, something happened to make them feel that way. And through hypnotherapy we work our way back to find what triggered the negative behaviour or response, and then release these trapped negative emotions, so that they're able to move ahead with living life.

Notice the upside down stack of bricks below. How your problem evolved into what it is today is a bit like that stack of bricks.

life to the full with Hypnotherapy

The brick on the bottom (ISE) is the first situation in your life that started the whole thing. It is some situation, thought or idea (known as the Initial Sensitising Event, ISE) that occurred in your past.

Something happened to make you respond the way you do, it's the ISE that creates this response and belief. All by itself it doesn't amount to much, and can generally be a minor incident in a person's life.

However, in our childhood we tend to accept these beliefs without judgment because we don't yet have enough life experience to compare it to, or to argue against.

Unfortunately, these beliefs may have created a negative perception of who we are, especially if they were reinforced in a life in which kids in school, parents, teachers, bosses, colleagues made us feel less than good enough, we're too fat, too skinny, unattractive or any other negative beliefs that we may carry in our life today.

Given the right circumstances and enough reinforcement from parents, teachers, other kids, colleagues etc in subsequent days, months and years (the next three layers of bricks), it can develop and be compounded into really troublesome symptoms (the top layer of bricks).

Each brick on the top layer could represent a different symptom: compulsive eating, low self- esteem, insecurity, head aches, drug abuse, cancer, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic illnesses, etc.

So we never treat the symptom, instead we find and treat the cause of the symptom.

Through age regression hypnotherapy, I help clients uncover the subconscious blocks that are holding them back. We can then THOROUGHLY cleanse and neutralise the causes of the problem, and once we clear these and subsequent events, the beliefs will collapse.

This will then allow minimal to zero resistance for direct suggestion hypnosis to refill the cup with positive suggestions that you create for change, thus leading to lasting positive changes.

So if all that information makes sense and you're ready for the next step, why not call me on 01772 439046, or email me at chris@chrisgelder.co.uk

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